KEWPIE in Malaysia

The Origins of KEWPIE Mayonnaise

It is said that mayonnaise was accidentally created by Duke de Richelieu’s French chef in the mid 18th century. Instead of using cream, the chef used oil and eggs when making the Duke’s victory feast. He was so pleased with the creation that it was named “Mahonnaise” in honour of the Duke’s defeat of the British at the Port of Mahon, Menorca.


Mr Nakashima Toichiro (founder of KEWPIE Corporation) learned about mayonnaise 160 years later when he travelled to the United States to learn about canned food. Back then, Americans often ate vegetables with dressings that contained mayonnaise. Mr Nakashima then returned to Japan to develop a nutritious mayonnaise that was high in egg yolk content, eventually selling the western condiment to Japan in 1925. KEWPIE Mayonnaise would then go on to capture the hearts of mayonnaise lovers all around the world.