KEWPIE in Malaysia

What's in our Mayonnaise

Made with pure soy bean oil


Our mayonnaise uses soy bean oil which contains no cholesterol, making it the ideal ingredient for those with heart disease or high cholesterol.

Egg yolks only


Using egg yolks only gives our mayonnaise

that unique taste that’s dense and creamy.

It also helps bind the oil and vinegar

(oil-in-water emulsion).

Keeping our mayonnaise
fresh with vinegar


Vinegar is used as a natural preservative

and flavouring agent that helps increase

digestion and lower blood pressure.

Smaller particles, smoother taste


Oil and water don’t mix easily and it’s the eggs

that combine them in an emulsion process.


Handmade mayonnaise doesn’t mix as well and

is oilier due to its larger particles.


KEWPIE Mayonnaise has smaller oil particles 

compared to handmade mayonnaise. This

emulsion process is what gives KEWPIE that

smooth quality.