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KEWPIE MALAYSIA was founded on the 4th of June, 2009 and is the first company under the KEWPIE Group aimed at the global Halal market.


Although a renowned brand in Japan, most Malaysians were initially unfamiliar with KEWPIE and had no idea about our beloved mayonnaise products.


After organising a team of customers, suppliers, and employees, we then implemented our “mutual respect” policy. Our customers purchase our products and trust us. Our suppliers provide raw and packaging materials according to our quality standards. Our employees produce and sell products individually with pride. But most importantly, all team members keep the “customer’s view” in mind. As a result, we’ve been able to extend our network by establishing a strong foundation in this new market.


There are food lovers all around the world, and we believe in sharing the spirit of appreciating good food. We hope to do this by gaining the trust of consumers and contributing to a healthy lifestyle with delicious food.





Tatsuo Kabesu

Managing Director