Basic Guidelines for Personal Information Protection

We at Kewpie Malaysia recognize that personal information is an important asset (interest protected by law). We think that making proper control and protection of the asset is part of our corporate social responsibility. Kewpie Malaysia as an enterprise providing “security and safety," we thus have established basic guidelines to be applied when handling personal information of our customers, business partners, officers, employees, and so on.
Kewpie Malaysia declares that we strive to observe the basic guidelines and protect personal information.

1. Compliance with laws, ordinances and other regulations concerning personal information protection

Kewpie Malaysia will comply with laws, ordinances, and other regulations and guidelines of Malaysia concerning personal information protection.

2. Definition of personal information

“Personal information" under these basic guidelines refers to the following items of information of living individuals.

(1) Name, date of birth, and other items of description included in the relevant information that can lead to identifying the particular individual.

(2) What can be cross-checked easily with other information so that it will lead to identifying the particular individual.

3. Control of personal information and continuous implementation

In order to have proper protection of personal information, Kewpie Malaysia will set up methods of keeping personal information, including the control system and handling method, and appoint the person responsible for supervising personal information. The person will be responsible for widely disseminating those methods to our officers, employees (including temporary workers and temporary workers) and other people concerned and for making them carry out the methods. In addition, Kewpie Malaysia will make continuous revisions of the control method.

4. Implementation of information security

Kewpie Malaysia strives to implement security measures by setting up and enforcing information security policies, to prevent risks of information leakage, falsification, and the like.

5. Acquiring personal information
Kewpie Malaysia will acquire personal information by fair and legitimate means. On such acquisition, the purpose and scope of use of personal information will also be informed in advance.

6. Use of personal information

Regarding use of personal information given to us, Kewpie Malaysia will abide by the scope of purpose of use that we informed or announced in advance.

7. Transfer of personal information

(1) Kewpie Malaysia may subcontract out personal information handling service within the scope of purpose of use. In such case, Kewpie Malaysia will fully examine the management capability of the subcontractor, and ensure the security control of personal information by arranging and supervising the handling of personal information.

(2) Likewise, Kewpie Malaysia will also ensure the security control of personal information in shared use among Kewpie Malaysia group companies.

(3) Kewpie Malaysia will neither disclose nor transfer personal information to a third party other than the authorized subcontractor without consent of the individual. However, when the court, the police, or other public body requests disclosure of personal information, Kewpie Malaysia may disclose or transfer personal information without consent of the individual.