Fettuccine KEWPIE Chilli Mayo by Adikfoods
Noodles & Pasta

Fettuccine KEWPIE Chilli Mayo by Adikfoods

Feast your eyes on a satisfying pasta dish by @Adikfoods! Explore the creamy spicy flavour of our KEWPIE Chilli mayo mixed together with a whole range of seafood and pasta.

15 mins
Cook Time
Kewpie Chilli Mayo


Mussels/ Shirmp   400g 
Fettuccine    250g
Parsley Leave stem   Chopped 
Cherry Tomatoes   Few 
Pasta Water    1 1/2 cup  
Salt   A pinch
Daun Parsley   Garnish
Chili Flakes    Garnish
Kewpie Chilli Mayo   4 Tbsp 


  1. Boil Pasta as per package instructions
  2. While waiting for Pasta to cook, in a separate pan, layer in some oil and stir fry garlic, parsley stems and cherry tomatoes until Fragrant.
  3. Pour in a cup of pasta water unto the pan and as it simmers, add in seafood pieces
  4. As it cooks, add in 4 tbsp of KEWPIE Chilli Mayo
  5. Stir in cooked Fetuccine line it with more KEWPIE Chilli Mayo and it's ready to be served.