3K Mini Carnival @ SRA (JAIM) Merlimau Pasir

Health is wealth - so a common saying goes, and it is of great importance that this is instilled into the minds of the younger generation. 

On the 23rd of July 2022, SR Arab JAIM Merlimau Pasir together with JPKK & KRT Merlimau Pasir, organized a mini carnival to educate the children on healthy eating in a fun and interactive manner. 



To make the event more fulfilling, the CSR team of KEWPIE Malaysia collaborated with the school to share, assist and build a better foundation for these children. The Main carnival theme, 3K Mini Carnival [Kebersihan (Hygiene), Kesihatan (Health) , Keselamatan (Safety) goes back to our corporate social responsibility to ensure Food and health awareness, along with a societal contribution. 


During the event, activities such as healthy breakfast making, food sampling, an interactive learning session were all conducted by the CSR team, allowing the local community to experience the Kewpie way of putting together a healthy meal. 



A total of 500 people were present on that day.