Kewpie Corporate Social Responsibility Department formation

On the 10th of October 2021, in line with the company’s growth and directions to be a unique and valuable salad creating company, Kewpie Malaysia formed a new Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Division to be a responsible business that cares for and contributes to the society and environment. 

Our initiatives will encompass 3 main categories in which our brand will be responsible for : - 

  • Food and Health Awareness 
  • Society Contribution
  • Environment Sustainability

We would like to ensure that it is our commitment to educate the community on healthy eating habits, to give back to the society, and as well as to promote environmental sustainability by encouraging zero food waste initiatives. 

All these efforts and categories will be foreshadowed under our main slogan, “ Kewpie Cares”, whereby we will : 

  • Create more opportunities for communities to experience Love around the Kitchen table. 
  • Pay Attention to the needs of society and add value to them. 
  • Reach and be present in relevant sponsorships 
  • Educate society on healthy eating habits and good hygiene 
  • Serve and give back to the community as a form of appreciation. 

With all the above mentioned, we look forward to serving and striving to improve for the better. 

For more information on this department and our initiatives, do stay tuned for more exciting details by following us on our FB and IG page.