Adikfoods Tuna Brushetta with KEWPIE
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Adikfoods Tuna Brushetta with KEWPIE

Craving for a quick snack at home? Thinking or prepping for an open-house snack? Don't worry!

Adikfoods and KEWPIE is here to help!

This Tuna brushetta is filled with flavour, packed with nutrients and memang sedap. Senang je nak assemble.



15 mins
Cook Time
Kewpie Italian Pizza Spread
Kewpie Pasta Sauce Seafood & Spices


Baguette   Sliced 
Tuna in Water    1 can 
Chickpeas   1/2 cup  
Diced Tomatoes    1 cup  
Mixed capsicum    1/2 cup   
Diced Onion   1/2 cup 
Fresh Dill    1 pinch 
Chilli Flakes    1 pinch
Olive Oil    1/2 Tbsp
Kewpie Italian Pizza Bread Spread    1 Tbsp
Kewpie Seafood & Spices Sauce   1 Tbsp 


  1. Spread olive oil onto sliced baguette and toast for 1-2 min each side
  2. Mix tuna, chickpeas, tomatoes , capsicum onion in a bowl, pour in Seafood Spices, mix well and add in fresh dill
  3. Spread toasted baguette with Italian Pizza Spread, top up with tuna mixture
  4. Piping with Kewpie Italian Pizza Bread Spread, sprinkle with chilli flakes & dill