Spicy Ketupat ball with Chicken Floss
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Spicy Ketupat ball with Chicken Floss

A meal that's simple to prepare with your kids at home. Roll up some ketupat balls together with our Kewpie condiments to add more colours to your Raya meals at home! 


Check out the video recipe here!

15 mins
Cook Time
Japanese Style Mayonnaise
Kewpie Hot Spicy Dressing


Ketupat  300 g
Red Chilli (diced) 10 g
Onion (diced)  30 g
Long bean (diced)  50 g
Red Cabbage (diced)  60 g
Coriander (diced) 20 g
Cooking Oil Some
Chicken Floss 50 g
Kewpie Hot Spicy Dressing 30 ml
Kewpie Japanese Style Mayonnaise 50 g


  1. Heat up a frying pan with some cooking oil, and sauté all of the diced ingredients until fragrant (can add a bit of garlic too!) 
  2. Mix all the cooked ingredients with the ketupat rice in a bowl, and use your hands to roll it into a small sized ball 
  3. Gently press the middle of the ball and squeeze in a small portion of Kewpie Japanese Style Mayonnaise 
  4. Coat the top of the ketupat ball with Kewpie Hot Spicy Dressing, and sprinkle with Chicken Floss. 
  5. Ready to be served.